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The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) established by Act No 26 of 2007 as amended 2015 in Part 1 Section 3 (a) states that the Institute shall have powers to establish and promote research facilities and all manner of studies in Animal Science. Based on these mandates, the Institute’s Governing Council established the Nigerian Postgraduate College of Animal Science in 2010 to prescribe and regulate the standards of academic professional qualifications and practical skills attained by persons seeking to be registered as members of the Institute or seeking to acquire advance practical skills in animal husbandry as the case may be. The Institute, in the course of executing its statutory mandates, recognized deficient skills in the various disciplines of Animal Husbandry among Animal Scientists practicing in public and private sectors. This challenge has resulted to poor policy development in the Livestock Sector as well as inappropriate adjustment to workplace. Also, this challenge is attributed to lack of professional postgraduate institution to train specific Specialists and Consultants (Professional Fellows) in Animal Science as distinct from academic M.Sc. and PhD Animal Scientists. Consequently, most Nigerian agricultural development Partners/Organizations and other foreign donor agencies employ Consultant Animal Scientists from other countries for strategic livestock projects in Nigeria. Unfortunately, our competent home grown Animal Scientists, who were not certified, have been short changed for this service. For instance, the West African Trade Hub (WATH) of USAID uses foreign based Livestock Consultants like the National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS) for Livestock projects in Nigeria and the use of some of the foreign Consultants has not yielded the desired results for our Livestock Sector. Therefore, Nigeria via the Institute requires a high level of capacity building programmes to produce indigenous experts for policy development and implementation, industrialization and value chain addition that will enhance the development of our animal husbandry industry. The Nigerian Postgraduate College of Animal Science shall offer courses in Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Fellowship Programmes.


i. To produce high skilled professionals with a deep knowledge of the subject matter, highly exposed in field operations and with demonstrable competence to do animal husbandry projects.

ii. To ensure that candidates obtain cutting edge technology in the profession.

iii. To enhance the professional training of Animal Scientists.

iv. To build high level technical capacity that will service the Public and Private sectors.

v. To provide high skilled manpower base for Research and Consultants that will meet international standards for Nigeria and other countries.

vi. To train specialist Animal Husbandry Support Technicians.

The functions of the College shall include:
a. The organization of professional postgraduate training programmes and development of curricula as well as the conduct of update courses for training by the various specialized branches of Animal Science as represented by the various Faculties of the College;
b. The administration and conduct of professional postgraduate examinations for candidates in the various Faculties at different levels, viz: Preliminary, Part I and Part II in the College;
c. The award of professional Diploma and Fellowship;
d. To carry out any other activities necessary in the furtherance of professional postgraduate Animal Science education and quality animal production in Nigeria.
e. To partner/affiliate with any reputable similar Institution or professional body locally and internationally.


These shall be the organogram of the College:

A. Governing Board of the College
The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science Governing Council shall be the Governing Board of the College.
B. The Provost
The Provost shall be the Chief Academic and Administrative Officer of the College. He shall report to the Governing Board of the College through the Registrar/CEO. He/She shall be responsible for Day to Day administrative matters of the College.
      Appointment/Tenure/Responsibility: He/She shall be appointed by the Council of the Institute for four  (4) years tenure in the first instance with the possibility of one renewal only. He/She shall be responsible in the running of the Day to Day activities of the College.
C. Principal Officers                                                                                   
1. Secretary of the College
     Responsibility: He/She shall be Secretary to the Senate.
2. Chief Finance Officer
    Responsibility: He/She shall be responsible for the financial management of the College.
3. Chief Librarian
      Responsibility: He/She shall head the Library of the College.
D. Deans of Faculties
     Responsibility: They shall be members of Senate and coordinate the teaching and administration of the Disciplines through the Coordinators/Head of Departments in the Universities.
E. Head of Departments/Coordinators
    Responsibility: They shall direct the conduct of the programmes of the College in each University. They shall be members of the Senate.